Iqra director Taj Ali Khan

Taj Ali Khan

Education is our passion, IQRA Chargulli is by no means an augmentation of private schools run purely on commercial basis for earning money. It is an ideological training unit dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, we believe that "education is the birth right of every child", with this thought in mind we have constantly been striving to provide quality education for all and sundry in spite of all hurdles and impediments that came in the way. IQRA Chargulli committed to the promotion of education and human values. It strives to make students positive in thoughts and innovative in ideas. The moto of the school is to make students self-motivated, disciplined, confident and morally upright, having a spirit of sacrifice and service to nation. Our products (Students passed out from IQRA Chargulli) are serving the nation in different fields with excellence and missionary zeal.